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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 10, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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shoes. it happened just before noon today. detectives say it was aaron gray who approached the woman, engaging her in conversation before launching an aggressive attack. gray is accused of punching her in the face, ripping her purse from her shoulder and running off. a group of men who witnessed the attack chased him down and held him until officers arrived. >> this is an unusual attack, something that we haven't seen. so we're trying to look into this and see what exactly this gentleman's problem was that he took this brazen attack in the middle of the afternoon inside a crowded mall. >> police tell us the victim was not badly injury, but is obviously pretty shaken up. gray is now facing a number of charges including robbery, theft and assault. now to a situation we've been closely monitoring in baltimore county. businesses and residents fed up with destructive teens near the putty hill skate land. the violence usually happens at closing time on saturday nights. let's get to don champion who is live at the rink right now.
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>> no problems as of yet. you can see that the rink has let out for the night. i can tell you we have seen increase in the number of security guards out here, and also we've seen a number of officers patrolling the parking lot here. one thing is for sure, now that baltimore county officials have stepped in on the problems that have been happening here, neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief. >> that leads nowhere. >> cell phone video shows the weekly hassle neighbors of skate land have dealt with. droves and drefs of teens pouring out of the popular venue and too often causing problems. >> it is chaos, and we don't let them in our business because they destroy things. >> scott works at denny's next-door, a fellow employee shot this cell phone video last week before things got out of control. after closing teens poured out of skate land, running onto the road and causing trouble. can you see officer has to face off with the teens.
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>> they'll come out in hoards, like 40 or 50 of them at a time and they'll jump on people's cars in the parking lot. >> skateland patrons have caused so many problems this week the county refused to renew the hall's license which allowed it to put on a popular club night. no one would talk to us about the stheu. >> they came came out running, screaming. >> she works at a neighboring pub and says if skate land is ever allowed to throw another party, police should step up their presence. >> there were not enough cops to handle the crowd that was the. >> they need to have more security over there at skate land, for one, and the police need to get out of their vehicles. >> back out here live now, can you see one of the baltimore county police officers here in the parking lot of skate land right now. once again no major problems here tonight. i should mention that the owner of skate land can appeal the decision by baltimore county officials, and officials with
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the county have even threatened to revoke the venue's skating license if problems continue. live in baltimore county, don champion. >> thank you. federal investigators are shining new light on the heck crash that killed a father and daughter from howard county as well as a man from townsend. a preliminary report by the ntsb says the aircraft's pilot was not certified to fly using only on bore instruments. there was no indication that that pilot obtained a weather briefing before taking off, eventually crashing in rural pennsylvania. officials with the company that owns the helicopter say they think it was caught in a thunderstorm. 58-year-old bernard kelly, his daughter and a man of toson were also killed in the crash. the pilot's identity has not been released. we are working to learn more about the conditions of a man and woman both struck by a car in baltimore county, near the wal-mart along washington boulevard. when 11 news arrived on the
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scene, police told us the driver was cooperating and they had not determined who was at fault, at this hour the investigation is ongoing. meteorologist john collins is here with a first look at our weather. hey, john. >> this afternoon and evening it felt a little better out there. there was a front that went through and it introduced slightly less humid air and pushed any rain farther south. we had a few spritzes around the area, most of the rain was south of us, now most of it is in north carolina. a little bit of it in virginia, a little shower activity approaching richmond. so our rainfall today at the airport only .001 of an inch. almost a half inch short of normal for the month. and also short of normal on the year so far. we're pretty green out there, at least for august. >> it's surprising. >> so what about rain for the rest of the weekend? i'll have that in a minute. >> thank you. the first man to ever serve as president of notre dame of maryland university announces he's stepping down. still ahead, judge james
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connolly is leaving his post. and who's taking his place. plus a baltimore man meets the young girl whose life he saved.
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>> big changes at notre dame of maryland university. president james connolly is stepping down. 11 news has confirmed he made the decision for family reasons and is head back to his former home in kentucky. when connolly took the job in july of last year he became the first man in the position in university history. now school officials are putting joan colely in college. the change of power goes into effect almost immediately. meanwhile kids in the region will soon be heading back to school and for many families that's an added cost that is often tough to afor. so some decided to help out. members of living home minute streets spent much of the day giving out free backpacks and
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school supplies to kids of all ages. the sixth annual back to school bash, completes with free food, face painting, and fun. >> we actually give out a total of 250 backpacks to the first 250 students who come through the line. they are equipped with school supplies and things of all nature donated by members of our congregation and people within our communities. >> this year's event also included a safety expert with state and local police, even members of the marine corps. and dairy say it's starting to feel like back to school weather. >> oh, not the temperatures really. not at this stage of the game. >> i won't say it then, i said dairy say. >> this front did push the rain south for a while, but the front is coming back and rain is still in the forecast. i'll tell you when in a minute.
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>> i finally met the person that saved my life and i'm just happy and grateful. >> she was just 5 when she was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, she needed a bone marrow transplant, but no one in her family was a match. fortunately someone else, and that is mark perfect riff baltimore. now five years after her life
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saving surgery, the two got to meet for the first time. perry traveled to michigan for the meeting, he says he's been on the bone marrow registry for years and was very happy to help. >> i'm a father too and if your child is sick you want to do something, and if you can help somebody else's kid you definitely want to do it, spend the time and do this little thing for somebody else. if of had to be 30 days or four days, doesn't matter. >> only 7% of the people on the be the match registry are african-american. her family is now pushing for more minorities to join. >> the sun broke through, finally, this afternoon. turned out to be a nice afternoon. humidity even dropped a little bit. 85 was the high at the airport, typical is 86. the morning low was 72 this morning. tomorrow morning it might be a few degrees cooler, typical of the 66 degrees. record height on this date, 1900
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at 100 degrees. a lot of records up around 100 this time of year, but we haven't been close to that recently. annapolis now 74, cambridge 68. the boardwalk at 74. parkton 71. down into the mid 60's at frederick, also 60's in far western maryland right now. stormy weather to the south of us, now here we under baltimore so this front has dipped to the south temporarily. but little waves are moving along the front, and tomorrow it shut be lifting a little farther north. i don't know if it will get into town, but it will be closer to us tomorrow. so we could see a little shower activity in the afternoon or evening depending on where that front is. the farther south you go tomorrow the higher the chance for rain. the farther north you go tomorrow, the lesser of the chance for rain. eventually some other stuff will come through, but we're going to get into some nice air by the middle of the week. once all these little weather systems go through. overnight tonight, 67 to 72 the low. periodic clouds. these temperatures pretty close
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to normal, maybe a degree or two above average. and the winds nearly calm overnight tonight. now, tonight if there are some breaks the the clouds and there are some high thin cirrus around you might be able to see the perseid meteor shower. so the best viewing midnight to dawn, get away from the city lights and you meet see a few streaks in the sky. you have to sit and watch for a while to watch it. if you miss it tonight, maybe tomorrow night for the perseid meteor shower, happens every year at this time. here's our computer model showing clouds to the south of us, but by 3:00 in the afternoon we may begin to see a few isolated spotty showers around the area, but not a really high chance for that. so our forecast, tomorrow 84 to 88, mostly cloudy, a brief thunder shower possibly. southeast winds at 2 to 7 miles per hour. most of tomorrow should be fine, pretty nice really. winds on the bay, southeast winds 5 to 10 knots. and here's the forecast for ocean city, they're farther
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south closer to that front, so there's a 50-50 chance that there could be a thunderstorm. but part of the day will be partly cloudy there, 85 the high. rain chances monday as well, they go down, and then a stronger front comes in tuesday, so along with us we have a fairly decent rain chance on tuesday even down at the ocean. here's our future cast, most of the rain is out of the area now. but on monday we could see a little burst of activity in the afternoon or evening. it's not a huge chance, but it's there. and we go into tuesday, that's when a fairly vigorous cold front comes in and we'll have a chance for some scattered shower and thunderstorm activity. if that cold front late tuesday into early wednesday that sets us up for some great weather. so look what happens here in the search-day forecast. a brief afternoon shower a possibility sunday. monday the rain chances dip pretty low. we'll be about 85 the high. then tuesday the rain chances go up, scattered showers and thunderstorms. less humid air, cooler air and dry, no rain in the forecast wednesday, thursday, friday and
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saturday. with highs mostly in the low to mid 80's, morning lows down around 60. >> looks good, thanks, john. peter is here, we're talking about brandon stokely. >> possibly coming back. no doubt the ravens are a little thin at wide receiver, and he may be next in line. we'll talk about that next in sports. >> get ready everybody, this is powerball. tonight we're jumping off with a guaranteed $40 million jackpot for you. hope you got the tickets, good luck, it is time to play. first number, 37. right after that the number 58. tonight we're heading to iowa to meet don johnson, he matched all five numbers, but because he
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used power play we won $2 million. next up 14, after that the number 4, and finish with the number 12. remember, match this number and you are always a winner and tonight we have lucky 13.
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>> the orioles have put together a sold i road trip thus far, but their old nemesis showed up in san francisco this afternoon. struggling with runners scoring position, the o's today 0 for 8. machado part of that, however manny will always be manny at third. scutaro on the line, eve 2010 the bond he gets his man. bottom 6th, the magnificent start fell apart, gave up three runs, the last two on that pitch with the bases loaded. two in, making it 3-1 giants. crush on that. a season best 466 feet, according to espn, longest of
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his 42 home run is is season. but the orioles fall short, 3-26789 they can still win the series sunday against the giants. training camp at the ravens winding down, week three under way. john are bought all over his crew saturday during a workout and not satisfied, a portion for which we made sure video was tame, but once they got to offense defense, a spirited evident from the defense often had the offense sparring back. pretty much what you'd expect at this point. but sunday the ravens will practice at m and t stadium, and returning to their home field has john harbaugh excited like a school boy. >> it's our home, you know. i think it's about test stadium in football. it's classic, it's a classic stadium. and even though it's a little older now, it's been around for a while, seems like it's brand new, you walk in there and it's spark until every way, so it's always fun to go to m and t
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bank. >> the finish position for the ravens without question, wide receiver, at least when it comes to experience. therefore according to the sun the ravens will add 14 years of experience by signing former raven brandon stokely, the deal not yet announced, but it becomes the path to get a certain fan favorite, his touchdown catch in super bowl 35 will never being for goat en in baltimore. a 37-year-old with some injury history, stokely did watch 45 passes last season, five for touchdowns with denver. third round of the pga championship, oak hill proved defenseless with rain and no wind thursday and friday. saturday dried out and the breeze arrived and that was a good combination for the defending pga champ, incredible cap with that chip in. furyk a 68 saturday, the putter was pure, he owns the lead at
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minus nine. last time he held a sunday lead in a major he collapsed with a 2012 u.s. open. jason duffner at 18. i don't know how that fell in. he too has major championship demons. sunday will be fun at oak hill. major league lacrosse making a nice home in annapolis, more than 10,000 on has been tonight at the marine corps stadium. the crew hosting charlotte. strange flow to the game, bay hawks scored the first five, charlotte reported back. charlotte now in front 10-9. charlotte up 14-10. that lead feignly erased here. the former national champion at hopkins. they win it 16-14.
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stay with us for another check of the forecast right after this.
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>> all right, johnny, take us home. >> all right. a limb front south of us, so our rain chance is minimized a little bit tomorrow. though we could get some widely scattered in the afternoon. most of the day will be fine sunday. monday lorraine chances again, then tuesday they go up as a strong cold front comes in. and then it really gets nice, low humidity, temperatures just a shade below normal. very pleasant weather wednesday, thursday, friday. >> and thursday the ravens first home game of the preseason, 82, low humidity. >> we'll take it, sounds good. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow
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at 5:00. have a great night. can i get you anything else, mr. president? >> well, uh, no, no, i'm fine. thank you, jeremy. [ cheers and applause ] >> good night, mr. president, and congratulations again. that was very moving having your inauguration fall on martin luther king day. >> yes, that was, that was pretty special. [ laughter ] to four more years. [ clock chimes ] >> barack! barack obama! [ laughter ] >> it is i, the reverend dr. martin luther king junior -- [ applause ]
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and i have come to visit with you on the night of this historic inauguration. >> this is incredible. dr. king, there is so much i want to discuss with you. >> and i with you, barack. please have a seat. >> so tell me, dr. king, have i lived up to the promise of your legacy? are we on the right track as a nation? >> oh, we'll get to all of that, barack. we'll get to that. but, first things first, did you -- did you see that girl, beyonce? [ laughter ] >> excuse me? >> that girl, beyonce. did you see her up there? 'cause i was like "what?" [ laughter ] >> well, beyonce. well yes, she is a very beautiful woman. >> beautiful? raquel welch was beautiful. beyonce is like "damn." [ laughter ] i had to keep pinching myself. i thought i was having another one of my famous dreams. [ laughter ] >> dr. king, she was there to
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sing our national anthem. >> was she, though? "access hollywood" would beg to differ. >> "access hollywood?" >> yeah, they said she was lip synching. and i was like "i care why? hashtag jay-z is one lucky man." >> can we please discuss more important issues? there are very real changes facing this nation. >> speaking of change, what's up with michelle's bangs? >> i'm sorry? >> her bangs. what, guest starring on "the new girl?" when she finally gets those bangs cut, she is going to be like "i can see at last, thank god almighty, i can see at last!" >> doctor king! doctor king! >> relax, i'm just joking around. [ laughter ] can't we just be two guys talking real for a second? why do i always have to be serious and stately for all of eternity? and besides, today is my day off.
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you get it? martin luther king day. [ laughter ] [ door knocks ] >> mr. president, is everything okay in here. i heard voices. >> yep, just thinking out loud. >> why are you making excuses to him? just be like "i'm the first black president. shut the hell up and go to sleep." [ laughter ] >> dr. king, do you have any serious advice for me? >> oh yes, i do, yes, i do. you're doing a good job, barack. i'm proud of you. but, there's still work to do. you're the first black president, but we're still waiting for our first black magician. there hasn't been a black king of england, and it is 2013 and still not a single black child in the band one direction. >> i mean, do you think there are any that want to be? >> probably not, probably not. but for tonight, enjoy yourself. you have earned it.


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